This intelligent, mobile robot incorporates the latest constant-wave UV-C disinfection technology combined with ozone and specific measures to reach even shaded areas.​

Its robotic platform uses an autonomous driving system (natural navigation technology).

It is equipped with a camera and sensors, so it can move around obstacles, walk along corridors or even take a lift!

It has been specifically designed for use in big environments requiring large-scale routine treatment.

In terms of coverage, this mobile robot can treat an area of 100m2 in just 10 minutes.


Height 1790 mm
Width 580 mm
Length 890 mm
Total weight 145 kg
Power requirements for battery recharge AC 220 V, 50/60 Hz, 4 A
Battery duration 4 hours continuously
Battery recharge time 4 hours
N° of lamps 8
Bulbs tube dimensions Diameter 15 mm, length 843 mm
Bulbs power 600 W
UV emission 254 nm 240 μW/cm² – 33 W


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